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Spirit and Thread Crochet Rochester Fashion Week May 2023

Break Bread Fashion NYFW September 2022 ...

"Local Love" Syracuse Fashion Week 2021 for JPHII Designs
"Local Love" Syracuse Fashion Week 2020 for JPHII Designs 

Syracuse Snarl October 2019 as Model and Guest Designer for JPHII Designs 
CNYFashionWeek Gotham City for Unremorseful Art August 2nd 2019
Syracuse Snarl for Marisa's Fortress of Beauty October 2016



"Sin" for Otherwordly Entity
"Foreplay" for Otherworldly Entity ...

"Sunset" for Otherworldly Entity 
"You're Not Alone" for Otherworldly Entity 
"Vampire Girl" in Music Video for @runngunphoto April 2019
"Demon Chick" in Music Video for Laith Pharaoh with Triplar Productions April 2017

Black Masquerade October 2019 at WUNDERBAR Improv/Interactive Character Actor as Dark Forest Fairy
Scare Actress for multi-award winning Frightmare Farms "Demon Priestess of the Bayou" Twice weekly Improv Performance featured in the Labyrinth and heard over the amusement park intercom Halloween 2017. 

MODELING Print/Magazine:

Vigour Magazine August 2022 for JPHII Designs

Moevir Paris Magazine September 2022 for JPHII Designs 

SaintEight Magazine September 2021 "Magic Earth" for JPHII Designs
XPRESSIONS Magazine Issue #309 April 2021 w/ Shawn LaClair @threewordhaiku
Published on as Syracuse Snarl Article Cover Image wearing JPHII Designs 2019
Published in Syracuse Newspaper for Syracuse Snarl  wearing JPHII Designs 2019

XPRESSIONS Magazine November Halloween 2nd Edition 2018Gothesque Magazine June 2016 Volume 3Ft. in January 2015 edition of Xenon Magazine.

PHOTOGRAPHY Print/Magazine

Swanky Spellbound April 2022 w/ John Harris of Otherworldly Entity 

17:23 Magazine November 2021 w/ Model Chloe Danes for JPHII Designs

HiLife Magazine August 2021 w/ Otherworldly Entity

XPRESSIONS – OCTOBER – HALLOWEEN  - VOL 3 - #212 w/ Model SpunFlower 2019
Femme Rebelle September 2019 (Photographer) w/ Model Emmi Mae
Nephilim Magazine July 2019 DOUBLE FEATURE (As Model and Photographer w/ Model Margot Elizabeth)

Gallery Shows:
Fall Art Show at the Gear Factory 2019
Spring Art Show at the Gear Factory 2019
Black Masquerade at Wildflowers Armory October 2018
Fall Art Show at the Gear Factory 2018 
Spring Art Show at the Gear Factory 2018 
The Heartless Art Show at Spark Contemporary Art Space February 2018
Fall Art Show at The Gear Factory November 2017
Left Hand Path Gallery Show at Apostrophe' S July 2017
Alec Erlebacher, Masters Show, The Spectrum, at Dowling Art Center May 2017
Glendon Allen showing at "Evolve" at The Gear Factory May 2017
Glendon Allen, BFA show at Apostrophe' S May 2016

Photographers I've worked with
*- indicates more than once

Photographers on MM
Art of FFGF
Taylor Marie Photography #2867839
Ben Miller Imaging #1375001*2
Krystal-LynnVisions #2541253
Chelsea Michele #2879772
7ofDiamondsPhoto #3527579 *3
Alec Erlebacher #3886101 *4
JQuest #55589 *2
cl svendsen #4110279 (touring photographer)
MBelmore #4124255 (While touring to Dallas, Texas January 2017
GoldenHourLight #4378829 

Victor Andre #4260685

PaintingLightPics #1251390

Photographers off MM/on Instagram
Glendon Allen *Muse of/Frequent Collaborator
Ray Madden
PhotographyAtYourService Mark Griffin *2
Antonio Massa
Oleg Kurlyak
Bryan Wark *5+
Nicholas Daniluk *3
Runngunphoto *2
Model/Photographer for John Harris/JPHii Design/Otherworldly Entity *5+
Shawn LaClair/@Threewordhaiku *4

BleedinIris Photography
Luella Arbre
Djinn Photography/Nox Images *5+


Chris Palmisano @iamthatchris


I have worked with over 40 companies, clothing brands, clothing websites, bands, artists, sponsored by or in collaboration with in the last 10+ years. For a complete list please contact me.

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