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Might get zucked, Follow me here for updates O 3O

It would seem as though Instagram (or lurkers reporting me on Instagram) want me off Instagram because I cant possibly find success. Jokes on everyone, I stay adapting.

Ive been shadowbanned for a pretty long time on Instagram. They've been intentionally limiting my reach for ages, Ive just had to deal with it for all this time to have any kind of career. As a Photographer and Model the most reasonable way to market myself is through social media, Instagram in particular. Ive gone through different phases throughout my life. Ive had blogs before, Ive made youtube videos. Whatever fits with my creative process most. Ive wanted to come back to blogging for a while so I guess this is that push I needed. Obviously I hope that my many years of Instagram posts dot get destroyed by Instagram. Im fairly stressed out at the moment so Im going to leave this here for now. Hopefully my account isnt ruined because Ive been having a fun time making reels and sending out good messages for people. If I have to Ill post here. I at least wont have to censor myself. If you follow me here, Thank you for your presence and support 💚


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